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Hushcloth acoustical foams are designed to provide maximum absorption of airborne sound with minimum thickness and weight. These flexible polyurethane open cell foam products are manufactured to optimize pore size, air flow resistance, and density.

Many applications require these products to be subjected to environments such as dirt, moisture, chemicals, and abrasion that could be hostile to an unprotected foam. These products go through various surface treatments to protect the integrity of the foam from these elements. These facings will increase the absorption properties of certain frequencies as well as provide a cleanable, decorative and durable finish for a wide variety of applications.

Acoustical Foam Kit

Acoustical kits are often the most cost effective way to deal with noise in an OEM application. These parts are ready to install and usually have an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for fast and permanent bonding. This particular part goes inside a blower housing and has a perforated outline. This allows the assembly personnel to remove a section easily when an optional bracket is installed.

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Matte Film Finish

Matte Finish Acoustical Foam

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Provides a tough, puncture resistant textured surface making it suitable for use in machine enclosures.

Example of acoustical foam in a forklift


In this photo on the right, black matte film faced foam reduces the diesel engine noise in this forklift.

Metalized Mylar

Metalized mylar foam

Metalized mylar foam is excellent for use around liquids. The reflective, wipe-clean surface protects against oils, water and many chemicals. Reduces head transfer.

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Embossed Foam

Embossed Foam

Embossed faced foam is a high performance acoustical material with superior absorption at the most critical frequency bands. It is often used in speaker housings, medical equipment, HVAC units, blower enclosures, and office equipment such as computer and printer housings. The embossed surface has an attractive, high tech appearance that is pleasant to the touch. It readily stands up to abusive air streams and the associated abrasion in air ducts and blower housings. Embossed foam increases sound absorption performance in the most critical frequency bands by 25% to 35% when compared to other available foams. [Click for larger photo.]

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Foam Damping Sheet - Embossed

Sound Absorption plus Vibration Damping

The need to absorb noise inside a machine enclosure often accompanies the need to damp vibration on the same structure.   Where it is not possible to totally enclose a noise source, as in many types of machinery, electrical appliances, office equipment and electronic controls, the inside of the enclosure should be lined with sound absorption material.  This provides a non-reflective surface that absorbs air noise generated by gears, linkages, fan blades and rotors.  To reduce vibration noise generated by the same enclosure, particularly if it is of sheet metal, damping is necessary.

Foam Damping SheetAdhesive release paper, .050 inch thick damping, embossed foam, composite shown upside down for viewing purposes (Click to enlarge)

Embossed Foam Damping Sheet consists of a thickness of embossed foam bonded to a thin sheet of high-efficiency damping compound.  In this configuration, Embossed Foam Damping Sheet has proved to be a most satisfactory single solution to this twofold problem.

Available with or without high-quality, pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, it is easy to apply and has a neat appearance.

All thicknesses - 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" are effective for absorbing high-noise frequencies.   When lower frequencies are dominant, however, thicker foams and fewer openings in the enclosure are required.  Absorption values and damping rates are shown below.

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Perforated Vinyl Faced Foams

Perforated Vinyl Faced FoamPerforated Vinyl Faced Foams combine the absorption properties of acoustical foams with the toughness and durability of vinyl.  The perforation pattern has been engineered to provide maximum absorption and resilience with 14% open area.  The attractive leather like appearance makes it ideal for vehicle interiors, marine headliners, and enclosures. Click to enlarge.)

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Foam Melamine

Melamine FoamFoam Melamine is a lightweight, high temperature resistant, open cell foam manufactured from melamine resin.  It combines excellent thermal properties with superior sound absorption capabilities to create a versatile fiber free product which can be applied in situations which may prohibit the use of urethane foams or fiberglass insulations.  [Click for larger photo.]

This fire retardant foam meets the flame spread, smoke density and fuelcontribution requirements necessary to comply with Class-1 building code regulations.  The high performance thermal and acoustical characteristics of this flexible, low density foam make it an ideal product for in-plant and FDA approved applications.  In addition to being the solution to aircraft and architectural noise problems,Melanine Foam is the material in use in OEM products requiring a combination of thermal and acoustical insulation capabilities.  Optional facings can be applied for more durability and chemical resistance as well as pressure sensitive adhesive for ease of installation.

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All our foam products do not drip upon ignition, cease to burn after removal of the source of ignition and produce a minimal amount of smoke.

IMPORTANT: When the foam is subjected to dirt, grease, moisture and chemical attack, it may require a foam with a protective surface treatment such as our Metalized Mylar or Matte Film Finish foams above.

Most of our products meet all the requirements of UL-94, MVSS-302 and FAR 25.83b. Call or e-mail to request expanded specifications and technical data sheets.

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